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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register for the secure SÉCURIFONDS Web site?

Our secure Web site is reserved exclusively for users registered with SÉCURIFONDS Inc.

First click on “Member Services” in the left-hand menu, then click on “Online Registration”. Next, just follow a few simple steps to register on-line.

If you have followed the instructions but are still having problems registering, please contact Client Services at 1-855-732-8743.

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Does my password have to be in a particular format?

Your password must contain at least 8 characters and must be a combination of numbers and letters that would be hard to guess (e.g.: d3btfs47).

Try not to choose a password based on personal information (e.g.: your name, your child's or spouse's name, your phone number, the name of the street you live on, or your date of birth, etc.).

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How can I change my password?

For better security, we recommend that you change your password at least twice a year to reduce the chances of someone hacking it. To change your password, click on "Password" in the left-hand menu, under "Services."

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What should I do if my password doesn't work any more?

If your password no longer works, contact Client Services at 1-855-732-8743.

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Who should I contact if I forget my password?

If you are already registered on the secure Web site and have forgotten your password, contact Client Services at 1-855-732-8743.

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How is my password a good way of ensuring security?

Using your password is the best way we can identify you and control access to your personal file. Looking after it is essential to maximizing your security!

Here are a few tips to help you ensure that your password will allow you to browse the site safely:

  • Never share your password with anyone;
  • Change your password regularly (at least twice a year) to reduce the risk of anyone else hacking it;
  • Never use your user ID as your password.

We strongly recommend NOT TO WRITE your password down. However, if you do decide to make a note of it, try to do it in such a way that only you can decipher it. You should never save passwords on your computer.

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Do the documents I print from the site have any legal value?

No, any documents you print from the site have no legal value and only SSQ, Life Insurance Company Inc. is authorized to issue an original document or a certified copy of a document in its possession.

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Is transferring data secure?

To ensure that data is exchanged as securely as possible over the Internet, we use 128-bit encryption, which is the newest and most secure technology currently available. The encryption system we use transforms the data sent into coded language, which is practically impossible to decipher.

Here are two ways you can ensure a secure on-line browsing environment:

  1. Check that your browser's security icon is present. Depending on your browser, you should see a small key or closed padlock that tells you your Internet link is secure. A broken key or open padlock means that your link is not secure.

  2. Check to see that the address in your browser's address window starts with "https". If it does, the connection is secure. Otherwise, the address will start with "http".

To ensure that the highest level of security is always maintained, we recommend that you log off from the system and disconnect from the Internet before leaving your computer, so that nobody else can gain access to your user ID and/or password.

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What software do I need to browse the site?

Here is a list of the main software programs (and versions) you need to browse this site:


This Web site has been tested and is best viewed with Microsoft Explorer 5.5 and Firefox 2.x (or a more recent version).

Acrobat Document

Some documents are presented in Portable Document Format (PDF) so they can be printed in their original format. To view a document in PDF, Acrobat Reader must already have been installed on your computer. You must use the most recent version of the software, which can be downloaded from:

Most PDF files are formatted to be printed on letter size paper, although certain documents may require legal size paper. Make sure you have selected the correct size of paper.

Flash Animation

Certain pages of the site require the Flash extension in order to be viewed. Macromedia Flash Player 4 (or a more recent version) must already have been installed on your computer. You can download it from:

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Can my computer catch a virus from your site?

For your convenience, we have provided various links to other Websites on this site. However, SSQ, Life Insurance Company Inc. does not endorse these sites and is not responsible for their content or any modifications made thereto, as each one may be subject to its own terms of use and confidentiality policy. Therefore, SSQ, Life Insurance Company Inc. is not responsible for any damages, either direct or indirect, that may result from using these hypertext links and cannot guarantee that these links, and the sites to which they lead, are free of bugs, viruses or other problems likely to affect usage.

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