Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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ASTRA Carnegie International Equity Fund receives an A+

Despite market upheavals in 2011, the ASTRA Carnegie International Equity Fund earned a FundGrade A+ rating for its performance in 2011. The ASTRA Carnegie International Equity Fund ranks among the top ten out of more than 150 international equity funds of this kind for its excellent performance in 2011.

This award is a testament to our continued commitment to offer the most competitive fund platform. The FundGrade A+ rating system identifies funds that post the best returns based on equivalent risk. The FundGrade A+ rating is a totally objective, transparent, score-based calculation that ranks the regularity of a fund's performance in a given year.

The ASTRA Carnegie International Equity Fund is also an underlying fund in our Strategy Funds (Balanced, Growth and Aggressive) and Celestia Funds (Conservative, Balanced, Growth and Aggressive).

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