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About Astr@Net

What is Astr@Net?

The Astr@Net site is open to the public, and some of its functions are reserved for the exclusive use of SSQ Financial Group, Investment and Retirement users.

Our secure site gives clients access to a broad range of information on their individual accounts and the investment products they hold with SSQ Financial Group. Clients can also use it to carry out a number of transactions or consult their past statements. Below is a list of the services offered to Astr@Net users.

What services are available through Astr@Net?

Astr@Net gives users access to relevant information on ASTRA Funds and their individual accounts. Here is a list of the main services available through Astr@Net:

General services:

  • Up-to-date tracking of ASTRA Funds unit values
  • Information on ASTRA Funds performance, managers, asset allocation, etc.
  • Information on SSQ Financial Group's interest rates

Services for SSQ's clients:

  • Access to your up-to-date Account Statement
  • Internal transfers between SSQ Financial Group, investment products
  • GIA renewal
  • Possibility of changing your personal information
  • Access to your past statements

What transactions can you perform through Astr@Net?

Astr@Net lets you carry out the following transactions in your individual account:

  • Renew GIAs
  • Transfer amounts between ASTRA Funds
  • Transfer amounts from a GIA to ASTRA Funds
  • Transfer amounts from an ASTRA Fund to a GIA

Non redeemable GIAs can not be transferred or renewed before the maturity date. Any transaction you perform from this type of investment will therefore be processed at the next maturity date. Redeemable GIAs can be transferred or renewed before maturity date, but fees will be charged.

Also note that effective interest rates are provided for information purposes only. They are not guaranteed by SSQ Financial Group, unless the GIA is bought or renewed within 20 days following a transaction request from an individual account.

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